The way we work is changing, and so are the places we work at. We’ve gone and researched all the best shared spaces in New Zealand and created a solid resource for you!

Before we dig into this article, we realised that there may be a lot of newbies who are looking for new shared spaces to work from. While this isn’t a big feat in your business career, we want to help you prepare yourself as much as possible before committing to your first shared space.


What is Shared Space?

Put as simply as possible, it’s a space that you share with others for work. While it’s quite a new thing for New Zealand to finally adopt, it’s actually been around for a long time. In fact, the first coworking space opened back in 2005 in San Francisco, and since then more than 14,000 coworking spaces have followed direction.

Just to give you some idea of how fast the share space movement is now growing, the number of coworking spaces in Australia grew by 297% between 2013-2017, and it’s fair to say it’s a smart industry to get in. One of the best examples to show you this would be the recent lockdown we went through here in New Zealand for the Covid-19 Pandemic. A lot of service-based businesses had to shut shop and wait for the storm to pass, but those who were able to move forward continued to do so, but do so remotely.

While it was massive shock and companies only had less than a week to prepare for the remote workplace change, a lot managed to make it work and still function as a working business, all from home. The interesting thing now that the lockdown is over, is some companies are seeing that business can still run, without having offices. This means they could save huge amounts from office leasing expenses, while still maintaining good business practice.

In comes shared spaces.

What should I expect at a Coworking Space?

Shared spaces are businesses that have work type areas available for members to work at. Normally, a coworking space will have different memberships based on the amount of time you wish to be there. This usually ranges from a day a week, all the way up to unlimited access. There are also different seating options like hot-desking, permanent desking and offices. Depending on what your business needs are will depend on the right package for you.

Hot seats

If you are looking for a casual membership option, the hot seat option is usually one of the best to choose. You don’t have a dedicated seat in the shared workspace, but you can sit where ever there is a spot and pop in when you like.

Dedicated Seats

As the name suggests, you can also choose a dedicated seat. This is ideal for people who work on desktop computers or like to have their own little space. The only drawdown to having a dedicated space is the price that reflects the seat. It is significantly higher than a hot seat, but you do have your own dedicated space. Sometimes as a dedicated seat member, you also get a locker and other perks.

Office Block

For the companies that are required to be together for work, but not big enough to hire their own office space, you can usually opt for an office block. This is usually either a table just for one company or a closed-off glass room that you rent. Start-ups, small companies and remote teams usually go for this option. It’s like having your own office without all the setup and less cost.

Best Shared Spaces in New Zealand

Following in the rest of the world’s growth, New Zealand is starting to grow in numbers of shared spaces too. We have around 50 coworking spaces in New Zealand at this point in time and I’m certain you can expect to see that number grow from 2020 onwards. That being said, I’ll try to update this article every few months to incorporate all the new entries.

North Island

In the North Island of New Zealand, the top shared spaces we believe are: