Events & Meetups

We love facilitating business events and creating social meetups. Community plays a huge part in any business, we’re excited to have you join us too!

Guest Speakers

We will have our team find local experts in their specific fields and get them to come into Mindcraft to share their wisdom. You’ll get front row seats to how everyday people can achieve such amazing results through perseverance and consistency.


Sometimes we focus on one thing so much in our business, we either can’t get past it or get lost along the way. In the Mastermind sessions, we break into groups of 6 and take turns going through each others business for valuable input from piers.

Startup Weekends

One of the most exciting events we are hoping to implement in the near future is the start-up weekend. Team up with experts in other fields and come together for one weekend to solve one problem. From that problem, you are to find a solution, make a prototype and pitch it to investors.


Nothing says team bonding like retreats and excursions! We are still in planning phase for this, but seasonal depending, we will take to the outdoors for retreats.


If you have an idea or company that will be huge but lack the resources, pitch it to potential investors and see if they are willing to invest in your company.


Our Flagship Products